Here at discosagogo.com we appreciate that everyone has an ideal budget that they wish to spend on the entertainment for their special event. We respect that and we have many packages to offer, with nothing too complicated regarding dis or a dj in the Fife Area or surrounding areas.

It's simple, the bigger your budget the more equipment and lighting and time we provide.

From a small budget to a higher end budget we can accommodate.

You can have the choice of effect smoke or not at no further charge. If your chosen venue allows, then you should opt for smoke to enhance the lighting effects, it makes them 'come alive' !

Simple, we are not expensive at all, but we do offer a quality mobile experience. We are extremely reliable which is extremely important when choosing a DJ i.e. no DJ no show. Unless the client or their guests ask for a specific track more than once then it's simple, we won't play it again. So in essence you won't hear the same track twice. Now that is unique in itself and is unheard of in this profession. We know our music from top to tail, all genres and decades we know what was played at any specific point in time all the big hitters and club classics we've got it covered.