What We Provide

OUR HOTLINE IS : 07944366099

When you hire us for your special party we will provide you with a professional DJ with many gigs under his belt. He will be well experienced and proven in the field of making people dance and enjoy themselves only the best will do. We are the go too mobile disco/mobile dis in Fife and surrounding areas. 

We will supply a top range sound system so that your event will more enjoyable with all of the music clear and the mid, treble and bass distinguishable.

You will have a selection of lighting effects at your venue depending on the package that you choose you could have as many as 25.

The DJ will have 2 Terabytes of music to ensure he has what you want played on the night.

Your DJ will also be a proper mixing DJ with MC skills. He will also be smartly dressed with the company logo emblazoned on his shirt.

We will arrive on the morning of your event circa 9.00 am to set up sound check and light check it will take around 3 and a half hours to do this ...... we put a lot more time into and event than most companies do. Perfection takes time.